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Flowers in the Snow

I've started crocheting a new blanket Flowers in the Snow. It's so pretty! I'm using an acrylic yarn - Creative Basics Polly 8ply yarn. It just had the nicest colours, and will gorgeous edged in the white.

I'm using the tutorial and instructions on Solvieg's blog (link above), which are really clear. She uses lots of pictures to illustrate each step.

I've also started swatching for Aidez, and will be working on that over the weekend

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LionessLady said...

Lovely colours. I am making something very similar - I have done 110 middle cirles and want to make 180! Then edge them all in white, join them, sew in the ends.... Its a BIG project!

Sam Findlay said...

This is going to look great, very pretty!

elephantJuice said...

These are so cute! I love the colours you've used. And thanks for the link to the tutorial! My crochet skills are seriously lacking but I'd love to improve them, and that tutorial looks perfect. It's so clear!

Sandy said...

Doing blog walking through those blog on my blog log for YOP, and since you don't yet have a new post, decided to cruise around a bit on your blog, glad I did so I could see these pretty snow flowers...very colorful.