I'm doing Blogtoberfest!

Details on TinnieGirl's blog. Found via Badskirt

I know, a little bit crazy, considering my lack of posting. But maybe it's just what I need!

Just a Minute

Watching... Buffy season 2 and The Wire season 3. I never watched Buffy when it was on TV, but am really enjoying it! And The Wire is fantastic - Mum bought the first 4 on DVD, and we are slowly working our way through.

Taking... my first sick day off work since I had mumps in Japan in 2005. My god that was painful!

Eating... Home made pad thai

Drinking... Bloody Marys!

About the maxi dress that I want to make from this pattern:
Simplicity 3503. I have the fabric mostly cut out, it is currently residing on the floor. Maybe I'll get to it today.

Agatha Christie murders (again!)

Triple J

that I am back to normal soon - I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Look at August Street
for other Just a Minute blogging!

Block 1 - Babette

I've actually not been too well for the past few weeks. One of the side-effects is that I can't really do anything that requires much thinking, or time. So I've mostly been working on Babette squares.

Babette Squares

There are a lot of different granny squares of different sizes, but it's just the same stitch over and over again. But it's not as boring as you'd think, since making up the colour combinations is fun. The pattern uses Koigu Wool designs KPM, but I am using a comination of 8 ply yarns - Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 ply, Spotlight Harvest Pure Wool and Spotlight 8 ply Pure Wool. I picked the colours by matching the Koigu colour names with a similar colour in the 8 ply yarns.

Babette Squares 2

I have now completed Block 1 of the blanket (with lots of various squares from other blocks) and have now started to sew them together. I've never done this before, well, really this is my first proper crochet project, so I used the instructions in The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.

Babette Block 1