Today was our local Lions Festival.

I managed to pick up 6 books for $2.50, and a very 80s looking pattern for $1.

old pattern

My Creative Space - one day late!

My sewing table (the dining table that we never use!) is kinda covered with various boxes.

Play along with My Creative Space at Kootoyoo.


I did get a bit done this weekend, but not much craft or sewing. Lots of cleaning, including the oven and mould in the shower - lots of fun!

I've nearly finished cutting out my maxi-dress, and so am almost ready to actually start sewing! I'm a little nervous of starting, I think that's why I am procrastinating on it.

I've also downloaded some podcasts to listen to, I used to love Cast On. Brenda Dayne's podcasts are always so thought-provoking, educating, but INTERESTING! However, the past couple of years I've been doing a lot less knitting, and have stopped listening to it regularly. I've been wanting to find a new one, as I really enjoy listening to podcasts. I'll see what these others are like, and maybe do a review.

Waiting for the weekend

Well, I know it's Friday night, but I never really can do much on Friday nights, I always feel like they are a waste of time. Usually too exhuasted to do much, I may go to the gym, cook/help with dinner (or resort to takeaway), then spend the rest of the night reading blogs and mucking around on the internet. I guess I need the time to chill!

Summer tweed

This yarn is Summer Tweed by Rowan - isn't it pretty? It's in my stash, along with lots of friends! I may sort out my yarn this weekend. And I'd like to go to Spotlight, and hopefully get some sewing done.

Fun at Brown Owls

It is FREEZING today!

Had a great time as usual at Sydney Brown Owls last night.

Amy taught me to do the Magic Loop to start off my crochet!

I worked some more on my Noro Kureyon socks as well. I was going to put up a photo to show my progress, but my camera battery just died.

And now I'm off to yoga...

Long Weekend

Okay, I know I am doing Blogtoberfest and have already missed a few days!

But I knew I probably would miss this long weekend. We visited friends in Terrigal on NSW Central Coast, and had a lovely time despite the rain!

The BBQ was very yummy.

I even managed to get some knitting done, as my friend is learning. It was nice to knit together!

Summer Wardrobe 2009-10

These are the things I'd like to make for my Summer wardrobe, I'd like to get at least a couple done before we go to Hawaii on 23rd of November!

  • The Maxi dress I've already mentioned a couple of times on this blog, Simplicity 3503

  • A beach bag, maybe blue and white stripes?

  • I'd like to make at least one pretty dress for one or two of the special events I have coming up: good friends wedding- semi formal, beach wedding - casual, 60th birthday, 30th birthday, and Races. Also my own 30th is in December, but I'm not sure what I will do to celebrate yet! I'm thinking of one of the dresses from Burda in Burda 06/2009, dress 128

  • Denim shorts refashioned from a pair of jeans

  • A casual jersey/knit dress based on pattern from Sew U Home stretch by Wendy Mullin

  • A few cute cotton skirts, using A-line skirt pattern from Sew U by Wendy Mullin, including a plain black knee-length for work, and a weekend one, maybe out of some echino fabric like this one

Well, I think that is sufficiently ambitious!

My Creative Space

If I'm going to be doing Blogtoberfest, I think I better do a few memes to keep me going.

My Creative Space
by Kootoyoo is one I've seen around on a few blogs... I've avoided doing it, cos I don't really have a space, I just spread out my project on whatever couch I'm sitting on. I've been meaning to get a desk since I got my sewing machine, so I can set up an area where I can leave things out.

my creative space 1

Who am I kidding - this has been on the floor since the weekend, we just walk around it!