You got Mail!

I joined iHanna's 2012 Postcard Swap again. I did it last year when I was off work, and really enjoyed creating postcards, then finding more in the letterbox! I received some amazing postcards, in fact, three are still on my noticeboard at work, and I'm looking forward to adding to it.

This year I tried a few different techniques to make my cards. I used a combination of:
  • watercolours
  • mt washi tape
  • fabric tape
  • rub on transfers
  • Black Sharpie pens

handmade postcard 8 2012handmade postcard 10 2012handmade postcard 7 2012handmade postcard 1 2012handmade postcard 4 2012handmade postcard 2 2012handmade postcard 5 2012handmade postcard 3 2012handmade postcard 6 2012handmade postcard 9 2012

I had ready made cards that I bought in Japan years ago that have lots of space on the front. I really enjoyed creating my designs, I liked using a variety of techniques to create different looking cards. They are now flying around the world - to the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway and South Africa!

I can't wait to get my cards and see what everyone has made!

If you want to check out more postcards, have a look at this blog post by iHanna, or this Flickr group!

FO Friday - Baudelaire knit socks

Finished my Baudelaire socks!

Baudelaire side

I started them just under a year ago, but finally got the motivation to finish them.

Pattern: Baudelaire by Cookie A from Knitty
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid
Needles: 2.5mm Addi Turbos circular needles
Method: Magic Loop, toe up


I do love this yarn, the colour is so beautiful, with tiny, natural looking variegation throughout, the subtle changes add real depth to the colour. It was lovely to knit with, no splitting or knots.

The pattern was fun and easy to memorise, it was fun doing lace and cable patterns together in the leg. This was my first toe-up sock, and I don't really like the shape of the toe, it is a bit pointy and rectangular, so it doesn't fit my toes very well. I prefer the rounded toe shape of cuff-down socks. But it was fun to use a different construction method, and I may try it again, but maybe starting with more cast-on stitches, which would decrease the point. 

They are also slightly big, but I wouldn't wear them under shoes anyway, they'll be house socks. Overall I'm happy with them, and I'm inspired to keep knitting socks!

Baudelaire completed!

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