Ottobre Autumn/ Winter 2009

I just got this magazine, a late Christmas present. It is the first Ottobre magazine I've had a chance to look at.

It has a few cute patterns, particularly the tunic in this pic:

On the weekend I went to the Kinokuniya Craft fair. It was pretty cool, small, but the stalls were good. I bought some fabric off Amy from badskirt, it's very cute with little deers on it.

I took advantage of the 20% off too, and bought this book.

Carry Me: 30 Boutique Bags to Sew by Yuka Koshizen

It's got some great bags in it. I really like Japanese design, but I sometimes find the style is a bit too simple and streamlined for me, I like bright colours and embellishment! This book seems to stike a balance - the projects are stylish, timeless, yet it would be easy to alter or change the style by using different fabrics or embellishments.

Schmancy Olmpic Challenge

I've signed up for the Plush You! Schmancy Olympic Challenge. It looks like fun, I hope I can create something while watching my favourite sports at the Olympics!

Although I'm not really into sports, I love the Olympics. I worked at the Sydney 2000 Olympics in the broadcast centre, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The vibe and atmosphere in Sydney was so amazing, I had such a fantastic time.

Hmm, I just have to decide whether I want to crochet, knit or sew a fun little plush!

Tea Wallet

I did end up making some Christmas presents - I made this cute tea wallet.
tea wallet with T2 tea

I used this tutorial at Is it Naptime Yet?.
It was really clear and easy to follow.

I bought a sample pack of amazing T2 tea, but when I opened it to put some in the wallet, realised their packs are bigger than normal ones. Bugger!

Oh well, it still looked pretty!
tea wallet open
and closed:
tea wallet

New Year, New Start

Christmas Pudding Cupcake

Okay, Christmas and New Year were ridiculously busy. Worked right up till Christmas Eve, went to Mum's for a few days, back at home for two days, in that time meeting my Dad for lunch, and packing for the following day when we went up to Port Macquarie, got back home on sunday, and back at work on Monday. Where it was full on - actually crazy busy! Whew!

But this week has been quieter, and I'm starting to feel better. I've handed in my notice at work, so am ready for some big changes this year.

Sometimes, when I don't blog for ages (I know I'm never what you may call a regular blogger, but stay with me here), I feel pressure to write an all emcompassing, catch-up post, which I never do, so I put it off and make the problem worse.

Anyway, I've got heaps to catch up with, so I'll starting small!


The Boy recently showed me evernote. I'm only just starting out, but so far I'm finding it really useful. My bookmarks were getting crazy, and I could never find anything - this is better as you can save only a part of a page or website, and write a note, so you can remember why you wanted it!