Sew Hip

Today was my rostered day off (I get one every second Monday for working an extra hour every day), and I went into the city to have a look around.

I checked out the Lincraft which has re-opened in a new location in Sydney. It was much smaller, but pretty well laid out. I spent some time browsing the pattern books, which is my favourite thing to do in a fabric/haberdashery store if there isn’t a good fabric choice... which there wasn’t.

There is a little newsagency in Town Hall station, which always has the best selection of craft magazines. I usually buy Interweave Knits from there if I see it. Today I had a tough time choosing which magazine to buy – Interweave Knits plus either World of Burda or Vogue Sewing, both of which I have not read/ purchased before.

Just as I decided on World of Burda, I saw a new UK magazine, Sew Hip, and it seemed to have more stuff that I would actually enjoy, like softies and bags. I got the February 2009, Issue 3 edition, and really enjoyed it. It has profiles on a few different designers, some of whom I had come across in blogs, others whom I hadn’t heard of. Some of the patterns I particularly liked were the Jolie Cube bag, made up in bright fabrics, a hippo and an acorn softie, and Vintage Cloth Holdall.

It featured articles on Australians Kristen Doran and Shannon Lamden of Aunty Cookie. Book reviews, including an article about Japanese craft books and pattern reviews were interesting and helpful – they even reviewed my favourite Aranzi Aronzo’s The Cute Book!

This magazine was definitely worth buying, I’m going to keep a look out for future issues!

Spring! Well, actually, Autumn

Here is my Bobble Blue, unblocked:

Bobble Blue complete

bobble blue buttons I bought these buttons on Saturday at Spotlight, I wasn't sure if they were too much, but I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I asked the Boy and my mum, they both thought they looked good on the Bobble Blue, so I'll sew them on, and see what it looks like. They were only $1 each. I also bought some plain grey buttons, in case I needed them ,and tried different combinations, such as using one bird button as a feature, or alternating them with plain buttons.

I made this tote bag on Saturday, it is lined with a pink fabic, it is so bright and cheery! All the American blogs and websites seem excited by Spring, so even though we are heading into Autumn, with this bag, I can pretend.
spring totespring tote fabric

I'm actually looking forward to Autumn this year, hoping to spend more time knitting and sewing. Last year I read a lot of books, but I get to read an hour every day on the train, so I would like to spend my home time more creatively.


Have finished Bobble Blue from Interweave Knits, Spring 2006! All it needs is blocking and buttons.

Here is a photo of a butterfly in the butterfly gardens at The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. It was so beautiful, not only the butterflies, but all the amazing tropical flowers.


Tote Bag

tote bag

I sewed this tote bag out of the gorgeous Echino fabric. I absolutely love this fabric - the colours, the texture (it feels coarser, like linen), and the graphics, especially the tiger.

This bag will be used for all the stuff that doesn't fit in my handbag! I always need an extra bag for work, to put in my book, lunch, and travel mug of coffee.

I also put a little pocket in, for my weekly train ticket. For the pattern, I just traced the size of my tote bag I already use, and sewed it up. I used some plain pink cotton I had as lining - this fabic is from my university days, I wore it as a toga at a toga party! I finally found another use for it!

Inside tote bag

My Package Arrives!

Kelani fabric 1

Today my order from Kelani Fabric arrived. It is the first time I've ordered fabric online, and I'm really pleased. The fabrics are beautiful, and I've already been busy sewing with one of them...

Nearing completion

Had a pretty busy weekend, but managed to complete all the knitting of Bobble Blue from Interweave Knits. Now all there is to do is seaming, buttons and blocking. And darning a hole from a silverfish. That's right, as I picked it up, a silverfish came scuttling out (which I immediately killed), and I soon after discovered a hole. But I don't think it's too bad, just in one place, the ribbing of the collar. I've never seen a silverfish in our apartment before, but I'm going to have a big search now!


This photo is of a waterlily, one of my favourite flowers, it was taken in Vietnam. I love looking at waterlilies, or lotuses, rising out of the water. They often have a gorgeous coloured dragonly buzzing around. And it is always after a hot day of walking around temples that I come across a cool pool of water, with the waterlily flowering.