Nearing completion

Had a pretty busy weekend, but managed to complete all the knitting of Bobble Blue from Interweave Knits. Now all there is to do is seaming, buttons and blocking. And darning a hole from a silverfish. That's right, as I picked it up, a silverfish came scuttling out (which I immediately killed), and I soon after discovered a hole. But I don't think it's too bad, just in one place, the ribbing of the collar. I've never seen a silverfish in our apartment before, but I'm going to have a big search now!


This photo is of a waterlily, one of my favourite flowers, it was taken in Vietnam. I love looking at waterlilies, or lotuses, rising out of the water. They often have a gorgeous coloured dragonly buzzing around. And it is always after a hot day of walking around temples that I come across a cool pool of water, with the waterlily flowering.

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