Two Aminekos and a Penguin in a Pear Tree

Okay, there isn't really two Aminekos at the moment, and there is no pear tree...


I whipped up a little amigurumi penguin as a stocking filler for The Boy - cute, huh?

The instructions were a little difficult to follow, especially the beak, but Ravelry saved the day. I just looked at the forum posts tab on the pattern page, someone had had the exact problem as me, and someone else had explained what to do!

I finished him on my lunch break at work, and I forgot to bring stuffing, so I used a parcel pack scrunched up to stuff his head. Probably not the best solution, but it works! It's a bit lopsided and crunchy.

I've also been working on the Amineko bunny (seems weird calling it that, since Ami means knit/crochet and neko means cat...), all I have to do is one more ear, and sew on the legs. I'm seeing the two babies on Thursday (my birthday!) and there is no way I will finish the other one, but that's ok.

I'm a bit stressed due to a combination of being sick, deadlines at work, in-laws coming to stay and various Christmas things, I can't wait till Thursday, the beginning of my holidays! I'm hoping to do some knitting and organising for the new year, I want to be calmer and more organised with my free time.

Amineko without the neko

I have a couple of new babies in my life (two of my closest friends), so I'm making crochet toys for them for Christmas. I am using this Amineko pattern, but instead of making a cat, I think I am going to make it a bunny.

Amineko crochet parts

I used this Planet June tutorial to work out how to do the magic loop to start off the crochet. I am using a 3mm hook, and Cleckheaton Country 8 ply for the main colour. So far the pattern is easy to follow, all single crochets, and I am hoping to get a lot done this weekend.

Although I've been busy, I managed to sew these cushions for our couch a couple of weeks ago. I just made up my own pattern, they have an envelope back. The fabric is this amazing Ikea fabric that we bought about a year ago...

I don't really have anywhere to put the sewing machine, so I sewed these with the machine on the floor, I certainly had to sit in an interesting position in order to use the foot pedal! Sorry the photo isn't very good - the weather has been so bad in Sydney recently, and when it is nice I am outside. They also definitely need an iron! But I love the fabric so much, and they are another thing off my 'to do' list.

throw cushions