ICAD Challenge - Day 1

I'm doing the Daisy Yellow Index Card A Day challenge!

You can learn all about it here: Daisy Yellow ICAD FAQ

This is my first index card.

Day 1 ICAD

 I used a black pen to do some doodling and then some oil pastels to colour in.

This challenge will hopefully encourage me to be a little creative every day, try new techniques and to have a morning ritual of getting up just a bit earlier and creating with a cup of coffee by my side!

I'm hoping to blog about it once a week with that week's cards. I'm also going to use it as a journelling exercise and write either my plans for the day or what I actually did.

You can join at any time, check it out!

Are you doing the ICAD challenge? What are your motivations, and what do you hope to get out of it?


Natasha said...

A great start!

I am doing icad this year, I am just trying to finish and make sure all my cards are collaged (my own little challenge since collage scares me).

I did it last year and the freedom of an index card and daily creativity sparked so many ideas.

Kepanie said...

Very cool. You did a great job here.