WIP Wednesday Aidez


This is the back of Aidez. I am really only working on it on weekends, I'm training for the City2Surf, a 14km run. So most days after work, I go for a run, cook dinner, eat, and by then am a little tired to focus on knitting a big project. In the evenings I'm working on crochet squares for a blanket. I am enjoying knitting Aidez when I do it though, the cables are fun and it's growing fast!

On the weekend I went to my Mum's local craft store. It had a great selection of books and patterns. As I still haven't decided on a fair isle jumper, I was looking for a pattern for that, and I found a great one in Cleckheaton 950. Unfortunately, I can't find a photo of it online, but I'll take one later. It's quite Christmassy, which is exactly what I was looking for!

Even though I feel like I haven't been knitting much recently, tomorrow I get to do it at work! I work at a school, and the students are working on knitting squares for Wrap with Love, a charity that makes blankets out of donated squares. I'm going to check it out, and maybe help some students to cast on. I'm looking forward to seeing the kids knit!


This is a progress report on my year of projects!

I've been working on Aidez this weekend. It's lots of fun with some new cables that I haven't done before. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the back. I was having so much fun knitting it this afternoon that I forgot to take a photo before it got dark!

I'm using Cascade Eco, which I ordered from WEBS. I love the smell, it's like sheep! It feels so nice as well.

So this is a photo of my swatch. It's not even an exciting swatch with cables, it's just stocking stitch. I promise I've done more than this!
Aidez swatching1

WIP Wednesday: Baudelaire

Baudelaire 2nd Sock

Yes, I've started on my 2nd sock! I'm much happier with the toe this time, the pattern uses a figure 8 cast on, and I used this tutorial from A Gathering of Wool. It shows how to do this cast on using Magic Loop, which is how I knit my socks. This tutorial was really helpful in getting my stitches looking nice and neat. This is my first time knitting toe up socks, and the first time using the figure 8 cast on. I do like toe up, as you can check the length of the leg of the sock. I'm always worried that I'll run out of yarn, so tend to do them a bit shorter than I'd like.

I've been working on this sock on my lunch break at work, I can get a few rows in each day so hopefully I can get some momentum going and actually finish a pair of socks!

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A Year of Projects

I read about this on Crafts From the Cwtch and it seemed like just the thing to get me organised for the next year.

Basically it is just working out my knitting (and crocheting) goals for the year, posting a list, and then every Sunday posting about my progress. I'm using my Rav queue and my UFO pile as a starter for my list.

As I only read about this last night, I'm sure I'll be updating this list over the next week.