Blogtoberfest 2012

I've decided to do Blogtoberfest 2012!

Details here on I Saw You Dancing!

Sheepish yarn bomb!

I was quite nervous about this, it's something I've always wanted to try, and luckily Sheepish Yarn Bombing Day gave me the motivation and courage to actually do it!

These are cute little crocheted flowers that I whipped up last night. I tied them to the railing of a pedestrian bridge that I walk over every day - I wonder how long they stay there?

Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

CoffeeBeans cardigan

FO Friday!
Another project that has been sitting unfinished for MONTHS, and only needed 20 minutes to complete! I just had to sew in the ends and the buttons.

I made the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan (link to Ravelry free pattern) for a friend's baby as a first birthday present. Her birthday was in April. Then we moved. Then I procrastinated. Now it is spring and warming up each day, in fact today it is 31C.

I am really pleased with it, but not so pleased that she will probably never wear it, since next winter she'll be too big! This is a really cute pattern for babies, easy and fast to knit, and the pattern is well-written and clear.

close upbutton

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply in colour and colour.
Wooden buttons from Lincraft

coffee beans cardigan 2

For other great projects, check out Tami's FO Friday!

WIP Wednesday: Monkey socks

I have been knitting these socks for a while. They are usually my portable project, so I really only knit them at Brown Owl (my craft group) meetings.

Monkey socks (2)

As you can see I am practically at the toe decreases, so I should just sit down one afternoon and finish this sock! It is a long weekend here in Australia next weekend, and although we have a few nice things planned, I should be able to fit in some crafting time.

Socks: Monkey from Knitty
Yarn: Umm, not sure, but I think it's Ranco Multy
Method: I always use Magic Loop on one circular needle to knit socks.

Check out other people's works in progress (WIPs) on Tami's blog here.While you're there check out Tami's beautiful new yarn colourway, Witch's Brew. It's so pretty!


On the weekend I went to Daiso, a Japanese dollar store, where everything costs $2.80. When we lived in Japan, I would often visit Daiso, or the hyaku-en (100 yen) store to buy cute stuff for our home. I recently discovered that one had opened in Chatswood, near where we lived in Sydney, and I was so excited!

I found this cute little felt kit to make a lion, there were also other animals. Lion kit 

All the instructions are in Japanese, but it looks fairly easy. I also have an amazing Aranzi Aronzo book that shows you how to make these “felt mascots” if I run into any trouble. I’m looking forward to cutting and sewing sometime this week!

lion kit

Spring Nails

Nails coral polka dot

These nails make me bright and cheery!

Nails coral polka dot with polish

I've had a hard week, but painting my nails relaxes me, and then whenever I look at them, I smile!

Spring Inspiration

I'm feeling all inspired as the weather starts to warm up.

I've been thinking about starting an etsy shop.

I've been working on knitting a sweater.

I organised my embriodery threads.

 We walked to the library today and I got out some inspirational books, then stopped for a green tea.