Spring! Well, actually, Autumn

Here is my Bobble Blue, unblocked:

Bobble Blue complete

bobble blue buttons I bought these buttons on Saturday at Spotlight, I wasn't sure if they were too much, but I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I asked the Boy and my mum, they both thought they looked good on the Bobble Blue, so I'll sew them on, and see what it looks like. They were only $1 each. I also bought some plain grey buttons, in case I needed them ,and tried different combinations, such as using one bird button as a feature, or alternating them with plain buttons.

I made this tote bag on Saturday, it is lined with a pink fabic, it is so bright and cheery! All the American blogs and websites seem excited by Spring, so even though we are heading into Autumn, with this bag, I can pretend.
spring totespring tote fabric

I'm actually looking forward to Autumn this year, hoping to spend more time knitting and sewing. Last year I read a lot of books, but I get to read an hour every day on the train, so I would like to spend my home time more creatively.

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