My Creative Space

If I'm going to be doing Blogtoberfest, I think I better do a few memes to keep me going.

My Creative Space
by Kootoyoo is one I've seen around on a few blogs... I've avoided doing it, cos I don't really have a space, I just spread out my project on whatever couch I'm sitting on. I've been meaning to get a desk since I got my sewing machine, so I can set up an area where I can leave things out.

my creative space 1

Who am I kidding - this has been on the floor since the weekend, we just walk around it!


Kylie said...

Welcome! Creative space is about anything you're working on. My post is usually some random bit of fluff I'm working on, so don't worry... Kick off your shoes and get comfortable... Your floor is a beautiful space :) K

Amanda said...

Welcome aboard...I think it's safe to say not many of us have specific spaces haha..The top of my couch is strewn with yarn along with other corners of the house..It's all good when it's crafty :)

Lola Nova said...

I love your little pin cushion!

Debra said...

Oh yeah...i have a 'space' ...i still use the floor..LOL and several baskets...and the dining table ...the list goes on...enjoy your sewing..:)

Anonymous said...

I think your space is the area you occupy when you are creating and if that happens to be on a park bench then fantastic! Actually, there's an idea, maybe that's where I'll be next week. : ) Welcome! ~ Alisa

Kirsty said...

Welcome. My space is kind of like hansel's trail of breadcrumbs so you'll fit right in.