Tea Time

Screen print Tea time
I always go the craft expos and fairs in Sydney. I always tell myself I will do a talk, class or workshop. I never do.

But I read Amy's (Badskirt) blog post and decided to take her advice. Screen printing is something I've never done, and unlikely to try by myself, it's not like embroidery or knitting, where you don't need many specialized tools to start. I also liked how you could take home a completeted useful object (a tea towel).

Louise Snook
was a fantastic teacher, very patient and inspirational. She made some suggestions, like adding the word "tea" to my design.

The most difficult part of the workshop was planning and creating my design. Most of the other people did abstract designs, but I don't think I'm very good at that. The actual screen painting was lots of fun, I'm so glad I joined in. I'll definitely take part in more classes and workshops from now on!


Vanessa said...

Very nice!!

Delusional Knitter said...


Paula said...

Very cute tea towel! It's always satisfying to learn something new, isn't it

Kathleen said...

Jealous! I've been wanting to learn screenprinting for a while. I'm glad you had a good class-taking experience, and I love the design you settled on, it's so classic and simple and fun.