Nearly time to go back to work

I'm really glad I've started blogging regularly. One of the major reasons is I am currently a lady of leisure! I quit my job that was taking up way too much time, and have been spending time at home. During this time I've participated in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, iHanna's Postcard Swap and worked on a few projects. I've been able to go to Brown Owls meetings and meet friends for lunch or dinner.

I've found a new job though, and am starting back after the Easter Break.

My new job starts early and finishes early, so I'm hoping I can continue blogging and crafting. 
Baudelaire progress sockon
In fact my goal is to finish this pair of Baudelaire socks. We are going away for the Easter long, long weekend, and I want to do a lot of work on these socks!



Vanessa said...

Wow, nice sock!

Laila said...

Hi, I was reading your post and was really surprised when I saw these lovly socks. I started one of my own yesterday and they are almost the same. So great.
I'll show mine off when finished.
Happy Easter and good luck in your new job!

Lauren said...

the socks look great! congrates on the new job, hopefully it brings the work life/craft balance you are seeking!
...I found your blog in pip's blog share! it was lovely to come and find you!

Karen said...

(new follower) - those socks look great