I can't believe the devastation in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami.

I lived in Japan for over two and a half years between 2002- 2005. I was on the JET programme, and lived in Fukuoka, Kyushu, which is in the south. So quite far away from where the disaster has happened, but still... the images bring back so many memories. My ''anxious' dream (you know, the dream you have when stressed or worried, some people dream of going to school naked or in their PJs, others running late for an important meeting or appointment, or of falling) has always been of watching a tsunami coming towards me, and not being able to escape. I've had this recurring dream since I was a child. So I can't watch too much of the footage as I find it absolutely horrifying.

I'm thinking of everyone in Japan, I don't pray, but I hope that Japan can get through this and my heart goes out to anyone affected by this.

Lawsons Yukata
Me with friends on my last night in Japan

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