Baudelaire and tea

I've been doing quite a bit of knitting, and I'm really enjoying it again, I think I got back my knitting mojo!

This is Baudelaire from Knitty:

The lace pattern is lots of fun; as usual, it took me a few attempts at the start, but now I've got it and am happily following the chart whle watching Lost in Austen on ABC iview. It's so lovely, the premise sounds a bit crazy (modern girl in love with Pride and Predjudice goes back in time and becomes involved with all the characters), but it is done really well, and has some really good moments in it, the casting is excellent too, even Mr Darcy. I actually like the Wickham in this one better than the BBC mini series. I found that Wickham was quite sleazy and although that is how he was in the novel, I thought he wouldn't have been that obvious, or Lizzy never would have fallen for him.

Anyway, back to knitting! The yarn so far is lovely to knit with, the slight changes in colour are gorgeous and add interest.

Hopefully this sock won't fall victim to 'one sock syndrome', I really feel like I am on a roll with it.

This is what it look like on my foot.
It was my first time to do the toe-up method, you can see it looks a bit pointy. That may not be so obvious when it's finished, but even if it's not, I don't mind, it is still a pretty sock and they are going to be used to wear indoors when it's cold anyway.

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