New craft studio

Yes, I am calling it my studio, even though it is a desk in the corner of our spare room.

Craft area

After spending hours building the desk (after wheeling it home in a shopping trolley in the rain), I then shoved piles of fabric, yarn, sewing notions and miscellaneous paper onto it.

I showed the boy and said "Well, this is it... of course, it'll look better once I've organised it all".
His reply? "That's not gonna happen, is it?"

I admitted that this could be the best it will ever look... But I am going to put up some kind of handmade bunting/garland, and an inspiration mood board.

I think I have to accept that my decorating style is "cluttered".


Cas said...

love the comment made by the boy!! at least you have a corner, i have taken over the dining table & buffet!! much to the horror of my boy :)

Kailey said...

Ooh I love your design space! Jealous <3

meredith said...

Your space looks lovely! I hope enjoy many creative hours spent at your desk. :)