I'm glad to see 2012. Last year was a hard one for me, for personal reasons, and especially at the beginning of the year, I lost a lot of my passion for reading and crafting. I am determined to make this year great, so I am working through some goals to work through this year. Some of my goals are:

  • train for and hopefully complete a half-marathon
  • run 500km during the year

  • use Good Reads to keep lists and record my reading
  • write occasional reviews of books
  • read 50 books
  • create a list of things I need, and sew then using my stash
  • work through Year of Projects
  • go through all my yarn stash - designate projects for yarn, and update Ravelry

Blogging and Social Media:
  • blog at least once a week
  • sort out photos
  • no wasting time lurking on forums - either participate or get out!
  • use Ravelry, Good Reads and Google Reader to help prioritise my time, not waste it

I also have some writing, medical and organisational goals, including starting art jounaling.

It's been great to read through everyone else's goals and resolutions in blogland, I think this time of year is really positive!


Laila said...

Wow, that was plenty of goals! Happy New Year to you and may all your goals come true.

elephantJuice said...

Some good goals going on there, I can definitely identify with more than a few of them!

Gaby said...

Great list, i especially love your 'no lurking' resolution, too funny :)