2011 Summary

1. Penguin, 2. throw cushions, 3. Echino Handbag1, 4. BobbleBlue back, 5. Ripple on Chair, 6. AppalachiaProgress, 7. Amigurumi bunny side, 8. WIPknitbag, 9. EnvyCloseUp

I thought I’d done hardly any crafting over 2011, but  looking through my photos, I completed nine projects.  I also started some UFOs that I will try and finish in the next few months, and I may have completed some other small projects that I didn't take photos of!

My favourite project was the Echino handbag, I used it all the time, and still love the fabric. While in Japan last year, I picked up some more Echino fabric in a more neutral colour, so I’m definitely going to make another bag, more like a tote.

I also in 2011:
  • took part in the Knitting and Crochet Blog week, and posted a blog post every day for a week
  • ran the City to Surf (a 14km run) and raised over $700 for the Cancer Council in memory of my dad who died at the beginning of the year
  • went on a fantastic trip to Fukuoka, Japan
  • started a new job
  • lost over 13kgs doing Weight Watchers
  • attended Brown Owls (my local craft group) meetings and
  • started regular Pilates classes

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