Starting on my dream

I've been busy knitting away to create products for my Etsy store. I've almost filled a notebook with ideas, plans and to do lists.

WIP knitting

I bought some beautiful wool yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and I'm knitting bright and colourful hats. This is a work in progress shot of my first hat.

beautiful yarn
This week I'm really going to focus on finishing up my products, and hope to start listing them by May. The Big Hearted Business Conference that I attended in March, and reading posts like this by Katie from House of Humble make me realise how many people struggle with thoughts of failure and not being good enough to try for their dreams.

This afternoon I am going to a natural dying workshop, I'm really excited. I had made a tote bag as a sample/prototype, and although I was happy with it, it led to new ideas which require new skills. That's something that I have learnt while making and designing my product - the very act of creating leads to more inspiration and creativity.

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Kepanie said...

These bright colors are fun to look at :0). Really awesome how you're working on your Etsy shop. I plan to get to where you are one day this year.