4KCBWDAY3: Infographic

Today's prompt for the Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week is to use an infographic.

I used Excel to whip up this one:

How I Use My Knitting Time

As you can see, I spend more time thinking and researching what I want to knit and how I will knit it than actually knitting!  How much of your knitting time do you actually spend knitting?

If you'd like to see some more creative knitting or crochet infographics, click here or search for 4KCBWDAY3.

Here are some I loved:

All She Wants to Do Is Knit with the connections between monkeys and knitters

Eskimimi Makes with the average knitter or crocheter

Crafts from the Cwtch with the difference between a regular knitter and a knitting blogger


Pigtails said...

I reckon we all think we knit or hook a lot more than we actually do or erm should do ;-) Nice and colourful infographic.

Natalie Buehler said...

Loved your infographic, I think we are all a little like that, weird to see it as an image though hey? :)

Anonymous said...

It seems that the actual crafting is only a small part of the whole thing. Very interesting and has got me thinking!

Kepanie said...

Your inforgraphic is so colorfu which made it very easy to read and to get a feel of what is represented.

bookworm-Mary said...

I love the colors! And its so true that many of us spend more time thinking about our craft then actually doing it.

Caitlin said...

I wonder how my version of that chart would turn out. This week is definitely low on the actual knitting (blogging has taken all of that time).

Jessica said...

Excellent infograph concept! I'll have to think about how mine would look :)

Quazar said...

That sounds about right.... I spend far more time on the web or telling myself I should be knitting something when I watching TV than actually knitting.

Jazz said...

I agree on that graphic! The time of actual knitting is so small!

Here's my own infographic: