Sew Hip skirt

Sew Hip Skirt, close up

I finished this skirt last week, it is from the Sew Hip magazine, in issue 8.

I'm fairly pleased with it as it is the first thing I've sewn that I could actually wear. It is the first time I've made button holes on my sewing machine and the first time to do pleats. I did stuff up the pleats by only making them half the size, which meant there were twice as many. I also think the skirt would half fit better if I had fit the waist band to my waist, instead of my hips (which is where I would usually wear my skirts). It is a bit boofy around the hips, which I really don't need, but I think that is caused from the extra pleats.

The instructions from Sew Hip were set out well and were very clear. There was no actual pattern, you just cut the fabric to measurements.

I used a fabric from a local fabric shop - My Hung in Hurstville. I think it was $7.50/metre and the pattern asked for 1 metre. It is bright and colourful, and has a shine to it. The buttons are plain navy and from My Hung too.

Hopefully I'll be brave enough to wear it, despite the mistakes, because it is still a pretty skirt.

Here is a full length pic, excuse my white legs and sock marks!

Sew Hip skirt


KL said...

It's lovely. Love your fabric choice!

Jenaveve said...

Hey that's great!! You have to wear it, then someone may ask 'nice skirt, where did you get it?' which will give you the chance to know how great it is to make your own stuff!

I do the same - wear skirts around the hips... I'm going to be daring though and try a little higher in future.

Great job (no pattern?!!! wow)