Camera Cozy

Today I finished the camera cozy I started a couple of weeks ago. I used this tutorial from Sew Mad. Although it wasn't too difficult, there were a few bits that I didnt understand, and took a while to work out. But finally, it is finished!

Camera Cozy open

I used some quilting cotton that I bought from Spotlight for the outside, and the good ol' apron fabric for the lining.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased, I think this was a step up in my sewing skills. A few things I would change for next time:

1. Use thinner batting if possible
2. Make the closing flap longer (mine isn't long enough, and you can see the velcro)

Camera Cozy

I've also been working on Bobble Blue, the sweater I'm knitting. I was happily knitting away, thinking about how I should get back to knitting more, especially as I'm now at the stage where I can usually follow the pattern without having to stop and check how to do things all the time. And then, of course, I had to do buttonholes, which I've never done before. I tried to follow the instructions in the Interweave glossary, but it looks wrong the way I'm doing it, so I might look in my other books tomorrow.

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